About Us

About Us

M.M Trading Recycling was formed with a vision for sustainable waste management methods, with the primary goal of assisting in the proper treatment and disposal of hazardous garbage, including e-waste, plastic waste, and battery waste, in order to positively impact the environment.

Our Mission

The purpose of M.M Trading Recycling  is to lessen the harm that hazardous waste does to the environment and its constituent parts. We at M.M Trading Recycling think we can truly change the world with our closely watched operations, effective waste management solutions, modern infrastructure updates, and cutting-edge technology.

On the other side, M.M Trading Recycling uses garbage as a resource and, through a waste minimization program that emphasizes technology and awareness as important drivers, promotes economical and environmentally friendly practices. Therefore, through value-added activities and reverse logistics, we support sustainability and the circular economy.

Waste List

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